Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visioning Activity (8/22)

Dr. LCJ's Visioning Activities ...

... are listed below:

I.                   Education

1)      Complete my Doctoral degree at CTU in December 2012

2)      Publish my Dissertation in at least three (3) IT Journals

3)      Earn credentials (certification) in Project Management Professional (PMP) via Project Management Institute (PMI)

4)      Master the art of multi-tasking

5)      Lean to ride a motorcycle, and then buy a Harley Davidson

6)      Learn to speak Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese fluently via Rosa Stone

7)      Publish articles on Business Intelligence, and Networking and Firewall Engineering for the US Department of Homeland Security

8)      Learn web development and create my own personal website

9)      Learn how to draw nice art via color pencils or oil paint

10)  Learn to fly a small airplane

II.                Job/Research

1)      Implement my CS855 Social-Technical Plan at US Homeland Security via SAIC, integrating Business Intelligence with Social Media Network

2)      Integrate Business Intelligence with Network and Firewall Engineering

3)      Travel to Japan to work and conduct IT Research for US Department of Homeland Security via SAIC

4)      Continue research in systems analysis, design, and integration

5)      Travel to USCIS Vermont Service Center in South Burlington, VT and conduct new projects

6)      Learn how to predict the future in information systems and technology

7)      Publish IT papers for the US Department of Homeland Security via SAIC into IT Journals

8)      Implement my dissertation research into my job duties

9)      Study how business intelligence benefits education within the Washington DC Public School District

10)  Conduct research on women and their progression in information systems and technology at US Department of Homeland Security via SAIC

 III.             Philosophical and/or Religious

1)      Visit Israel and Africa

2)      Study Christianity

3)      Volunteer with Girl Scouts of America

4)      Preach my first sermon to young girls to empower them to be all they can be

5)      Read and study the bible, from Genesis to Revelation

6)      Study the Books of Ruth, Esther, and Proverbs 31

7)      Re-enroll and teach financial classes with Crown Financial Ministries

8)      Enroll in the Rich Dad/Poor Dad Education classes

9)      (Really) learn how to think out of the box … walk by faith and not by sight

10)  Assist my church to finish our new campus project

IV.             Travel

1)      Travel to Japan

2)      Travel to Italy

3)      Travel to France

4)      Travel to Spain

5)      Travel to Ghana, Africa

6)      Travel to Tahiti

7)      Travel to China

8)      Travel to Korea

9)      Travel to Las Vegas

10)  Travel to Hawaii

V.                Home(s)

1)      Purchase a Vacation Condo in Massanutten Resort

2)      Purchase my new Townhome in 2013

3)      Get married in Hawaii or Puerto Rico

4)      Live in a beautiful home w/my Husband & Family in the suburbs or the country

5)      Install a nice size Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub in my new Townhome and my family home’s master bathroom

6)      Create a gourmet kitchen w/an island and breakfast area designed like an Italian Bistro

7)      Build a deck or a private patio room outside the master bedroom suite w/a small Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub

8)      Learn how to landscape my yard, e.g., nice trees, flowers, rosebushes, etc.

9)      In my “Family Home”, create the family room as a home theater

10)  Build my Mother & Grandmother a brand new home

And here's a song that brings it all together for me:

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